Identification Surveys

Complete Precision Surveyors assists property owners, buyers, developers, and legal professionals in making informed decisions and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Identification surveys, also known as boundary surveys or cadastral surveys, play a crucial role in determining the exact boundaries and dimensions of a property. These surveys are essential for various purposes, including property transactions, building projects, and legal disputes. When conducting identification surveys in Sydney, Complete Precision Surveys employs a team of experienced and licensed surveyors who utilise advanced surveying equipment and techniques. They carefully examine property records, historical documents, and other relevant data to ensure accurate measurements and boundary determinations.


Purpose of an identification survey

The purpose of an identification survey, also known as a boundary or cadastral survey, is to accurately determine and establish the boundaries of a property. This survey serves various purposes, including facilitating property transactions, ensuring accurate construction and development, resolving property disputes, supporting subdivision and land consolidation processes, and assisting in land use planning and zoning decisions. The survey provides clear information about property boundaries, helping to prevent conflicts, ensure compliance with regulations, and make informed decisions regarding property-related matters.

What an identification survey provides

An identification survey provides crucial information about a property, including accurate boundary determination, identification of encroachments or discrepancies, detailed legal documentation, compliance with regulations, and assurance for property owners. It ensures clarity and certainty regarding property boundaries, helps prevent disputes, and facilitates informed decision-making in property transactions, development projects, and legal matters.

Complete precision in record times

Complete Precision Surveys understands the importance of delivering reliable and comprehensive survey reports. They provide detailed documentation, including plans, diagrams, and written descriptions, which clearly outline the property boundaries and any encroachments or discrepancies identified during the survey.

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