Lease Area Surveys

Providing accurate information about the boundaries and dimensions of leased land or premises is a major function of lease area surveys.

For a lease agreement to be successful, both landlords and tenants must have a clear understanding of the leased area to avoid disputes and ensure the property is utilised correctly. An area survey defines the specific boundaries and dimensions of the leased space in a comprehensive manner by providing comprehensive documentation, measurements, and plans. In order to establish precise lease boundaries, experienced surveyors utilise advanced techniques and equipment. Lease area surveys provide reliable and comprehensive information that facilitates the smooth operation of lease agreements, facilitates legal compliance, and promotes transparency between landlords and tenants.


Purpose of a lease area survey

A lease area survey accurately defines and establishes the boundaries and dimensions of a leased property or premises. It ensures clarity and prevents disputes between landlords and tenants regarding the extent of the leased space. The survey helps with legal compliance, determining fair rental rates, optimising space utilisation, and resolving any disputes related to the lease area. Overall, its purpose is to provide accurate information and promote a clear understanding of the leased property for both parties involved.

What a lease area survey provides

Upon completion of the survey, the surveyor will provide you with a Lease Plan. The Lease Plan is prepared using the Property Council of Australia (PCA) guidelines and shows clear and accurate areas and structures to assist with lease calculations.

Complete precision in record times

Complete Precision Surveys is known for its efficient lease area surveys, delivering accurate results in record time. We employ skilled surveyors and advanced technology to maintain precision and speed. Their streamlined workflows and attention to detail enable them to gather data, analyse records, and establish lease boundaries promptly. This quick turnaround benefits clients by providing timely information for lease agreements, legal compliance, rent calculations, and space planning. Complete Precision Surveys’ focus on efficiency ensures landlords and tenants can proceed with leasing arrangements without delays.

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