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Our subdivision surveyors in Sydney offer comprehensive services to ensure a smooth and efficient property development process. Our experienced team of surveyors is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable surveying solutions tailored to meet your specific subdivision requirements.


Purpose of a subdivision survey

Subdivision surveys are generally used to create new building lots, strata titles, or community titles by dividing large parcels of land into smaller individual lots or units. They are typically carried out as part of the subdivision surveying process. Subdivision surveys ensure that newly created lots meet legal requirements, zoning regulations, and local council guidelines.

In accordance with the collected data and council guidelines, our team prepares detailed subdivision plans that outline proposed lot boundaries, access roads, easements, and other relevant elements.

Documentation, lodgement & approval

The documents we prepare for you, including legal descriptions, survey reports, and subdivision applications, are completed accurately and submitted to the appropriate authorities on your behalf.

As soon as subdivision approval is received, our surveyors will provide construction set-out services, ensuring accurate placement of buildings, roads, utilities, and other infrastructure on the newly created lots.

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Why choose us

With our extensive experience in subdivision surveys in Sydney, we possess the knowledge and expertise to handle projects of varying sizes and complexity. In order to provide accurate and compliant surveying solutions, we remain informed about the latest industry standards and regulations. In order to ensure precise measurements and mapping, our surveyors employ advanced surveying techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. As a subdivision approval and legal compliance company, we prioritise accuracy to meet the stringent requirements. Complete Precision Surveys understands the importance of timely completion of subdivision surveys. Our efficient project management and streamlined processes allow us to deliver surveys within agreed-upon deadlines, keeping your project on track. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Complete Precision Surveys. We provide regular project updates, foster open communication, and provide personalised service to meet your unique needs.

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